Analyze and model the living

Semester 1 (September-January)

Objectives (in terms of know-how) :
  • To know how to estimate the orders of magnitude of cell biology.
  • To know how to use the basics of chemical kinetics in the context of a cell biology problem.
  • Know how to use a numerical calculation tool to solve a problem of modeling biological systems.
Brief program : 

* Part 1 : Cell biology by the number  (8 hours of lectures  and 4 hours of practical work) 
                 Size & Geometry ; Concentrations & Absolute Numbers ; Energis & Forces ; Rates & Durations 
* Part 2 : Mathematical Modelling in Systems Biology  (24 hours of lectures  and 12 hours of practical work) 
                Modelling Chemical Reaction Networks ; Biochemical Kinetics ; Analysis of Dynamic Mathematical Models

Semester 2 (January-June)

Objectives (in terms of know-how) :

  • Know how to build a mathematical model from information in the literature.
  • Know how to use a numerical calculation tool to estimate the possible values of parameters from experimental results,

Brief program : 

* Part 1 : Mathematical Modelling in Systems Biology :

                Metabolic Networks, Signal Transduction Pathways, Gene Regulatory Networks

* Part 2 : Data Driven Models :

                 Data for Small Metabolic and Signaling Systems, Parameter Estimation, Reduction and Coupling of Models, Model Selection