Photochemistry is the branch of chemistry concerned with the chemical effects of light. We

Within the framework of supramolecular chemistry or polymeric science,  the general content will cover from the basics  to the advanced trends of (hybrid) systems  will be the following :

  • Photochromism- state of arte - Stéphane Aloïse - Lille University (3H)
  • Smart supramolecular polymer materials - R. Hoogenboom  Gand university (3H) (May you include an example of photochromic system? it would be fantastic )
  • Novel Photochromic  systems in supramolecular interaction with polyoxometalate- Chris Ritchie - Monash University (3H) (Chris, I guess you can iclude the polymers!)

The XAS lesson will not be done in classroom. Instead, videos are available online on moodle : Faculté des Sciences et Technologies (FST)/Département Chimie/Master/M2-MASTER IRACM/XAS

This course is divided in 4 part:



3- XAS : EXAFS 1

4- XAS : EXAFS 2

Progress through this online module watching to the video in the order they are displayed.

At the end of the module you have to do a final test.  Date and time of the final test will be specified later.

The password to play videos is : ASCsynchrotron

Asma Tougerti